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Welcome to Schloss & Gut Ulrichshusen

Nestled in the Mecklenburg Lake District, Ulrichshusen has a lot to offer – Nature.  Culture. Celebrations.  Conventions.  Meetings.  Delights. Welcome to a castle with a long history.

It is today, when the von Maltzahn family who owns the castle returns to the birthplace of their family and revives the buildings to make them an ideal place for conferences, for festive occasions, for vacation.

And it is tomorrow that is just about to begin. The castle, the park and the adjoining buildings are set to form a magnificent country estate. Just in the way it had been designed generations ago. Representing a fuse of business and pleasure filled with life on each day and by each one of our dedicated staffs who are committed to turn the stay at Ulrichshusen for our guests into lasting experiences.


When you visit Ulrichshusen, time slows down. Come, see and feel it.